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Ocean Sounds Foundation is an independent non-profit organization which finances all research and education programs with private donations and small grants from other organizations. Our research focuses on biology and conservation of marine mammals in areas with high biodiversity. This vital research contributes to knowledge and protection of unique and important marine ecosystems. Tourism, fishing and hunting activities, oil and mineral exploration, as well as climate change demands our scientific understanding of the consequences on the marine environment! We aim to learn what we can and spread this information to those who can make best use of the knowledge to make a difference for our natural world. All donations go directly to our whale research and conservation projects and helps us maintain our independence.

Your interest in our research and the contributions that you make is the life blood of our activities. We cannot continue without your support, so we are genuinely thankful for your kindness!

To donate to Ocean Sounds Foundation, you can use the Donate button below to PayPal by card.
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